Your body is your vehicle in this world. Learn how to move it for optimal function, health, and performance.


Where your attention goes, energy flows. Learn how to pay attention to your mind in a way that empowers instead of overwhelms.


Extra-ordinary change happens when you pay extra attention to the ordinary aspects of your experience; your body, thoughts, & feelings. This is the essence of mindfulness.

My Philosophy

Health is not something you have, it is something
you do.


Bringing awareness to your body helps you change the body.
Bringing awareness to the mind helps change your thoughts.
We cannot change our minds, our bodies, or our experience if we are not aware of why they are the way they are. This is awareness.


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“The patterns of our lives reveal us.
Our habits measure us.”

Mary Oliver



• Strength Training
• Corrective Exercise
• Sports Performance
• Yoga Asana


• Nutrition Coaching
• Weight management
• Custom Meal Plans
• Mindful Eating

& Meditation

• Meditation coaching
• Behavior change
• Mental Health support

Curious before committing?

Schedule a free exploratory session

  • Get to know me, my philosophy, and my coaching process
  • We’ll identify your goals, obstacles, health history, and assess a path forward
  • I offer a variety of different packages depending on what your goals are and whether you want help with movement, nutrition, mindfulness or a combination of the 3
  • *For movement + strength clients you’ll get one free session after the discovery session (In-person clients only)

Client Testimonials

"You are what you do,
not what you say you'll do."

Carl Jung

A journey
of self discovery

Our life has the capacity to be a vehicle for profound self discovery. To understand the most important question we face as individuals, a society, and a planet: "Who am I?"

A message from Jonathan

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